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Massachusetts Equine Clinic

Equine Ultrasound

Digital ultrasound technology provides an instantaneous view of soft tissue structures, letting us diagnose tendon or ligament damage on site with our state-of-the-art portable Mylab gold and Mylab 30 units. Ultrasound is very valuable in diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions. One of the most common reasons for ultrasound in equine medicine is diagnosis of tendon and ligament injuries such as a tendon or ligament tear.

What Is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds use sound waves to help technicians and veterinarians see clearer pictures of the inside of the patient’s body. These sound waves bounce off of tissue within the body and create pictures that can be viewed on a screen by the person performing the ultrasound. The pictures are in black and white and may not look very clear to untrained eyes, but the technician knows how to read them and recognize any potential issues. If they see something concerning but inconclusive, however, they may refer the patient to another type of diagnostic procedure for more of an in-depth look.

Our veterinarians bring ultrasound equipment to on-site diagnostic appointments. Results are available immediately or very quickly after the appointment ends. Ultrasounds are completely non-invasive and can sometimes be performed without sedating the horse, depending on the location of the problem and the temperament of the horse in question.

Pregnant Horse

What Is Ultrasound Used for?

In addition to excellent visualization of tendons and ligaments, ultrasound can be used for the following:

  • Wounds – abscesses, draining tracts, and foreign bodies can be visualized.

  • Injection of PRP and Stem cells into lesions.

  • Monitoring healing of lesions.

  • Muscle tears.

  • Thorax (chest) – to diagnose pneumonia and characterize improvement over time.

  • Abdomen – to visualize internal organs such as diagnosing various types of acute or chronic colic.

  • Breeding – to identify size of follicular development for ideal timing of breeding live cover or artificial insemination, or to evaluate fetal viability in pregnant mares.

Our ultrasounds are all digital so they can be emailed to you to be kept for your records.

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