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Massachusetts Equine Clinic

Wellness Packages

NOW AVAILABLE Wellness Packages

Save on services listed below and $50 on emergency farm calls

Elite show jumping horse

Performance Horse Wellness

Complete coverage for your traveling performance horse

  • Lameness Exam w/Flexions

  • Health Certification Exam

  • Farrier Balance Films w/ Sedation

  • Gastroscopy w/ Sedation *does not include treatment

Bloodwork including:

  • Large Animal Profile Select

  • Lyme Disease Equine Multiplex

  • Vitamin E

Package Price: $1,465 annually

Brown senior horse

Senior Horse Wellness

Comprehensive services designed for senior horses who require a special level of attention and care

  • 2 Geriatric Exams

  • 2 Power Floats w/ Oral Exams & Sedation

Bloodwork including:

  • Large Animal Profile Select

  • ACTH Baseline Equine

  • Insulin Baseline Equine

  • Leptin Baseline

  • Vitamin E

Package Price: $1,000 annually

How Wellness Packages Work

  • Each package includes all items listed. Farm calls, additional services, and follow-up treatments are billed as usual.

  • Once enrolled, a client must pay in full, or before any services are rendered. No refunds.

*To take advantage of our emergency discount, must be within our emergency practice area & patient must be up-to-date on all core vaccines.

Give us a call at (509) 278-6511 to sign up or learn more!