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Massachusetts Equine Clinic

Power Floating and Dentistry

The Massachusetts Equine Clinic offers comprehensive dentistry services, including power floating. We believe that oral health is vital to the performance of your horse.

Horse receiving a dental examination

Expert Equine Oral Care

Our veterinarians use powerfloats along with sedation to quickly, comfortably, safely and accurately float your horse’s teeth. The circular motion of the high speed carbide bit is more efficient than tradition hand floating. In addition, it is safer as it has a protective guard. Other advantages are that there is no back and forth motion which causes less stress on your horse and less risk of trauma.

With every float there is also a complimentary oral exam by a licensed veterinarian which can detect potentially serious problems earlier in the disease process. We feel floating teeth is an essential part of your horses general health and is an important piece of any preventative medicine protocol. We recommend floating once per year as it cuts down on difficulty chewing(which lessens risk of choke), weight loss and reluctance to take a bit.

In addition to floating, we perform oral radiographs and tooth extractions. We work closely with Dr. B.A Rucker (Equine specific dentist) for any conditions needing specialty dental care.

At Massachusetts Equine Clinic, we are here to help. Please call us at (508) 278-6511 or contact us below to schedule your pre-purchase exam.